What will I learn if I stay shut?

I really miss him. Such a cute 'lil boy

Hey peeps. There are always load of things that I wouldn't be so damn satisfy if they keep going like this every single second. THESE WHOLE CRAPS!!! Hello....I just don't really know what my heart feel, sometime it came across the love, sometime hate, sometime wanna-kick-that-ass and sometime Oh-God-please-let-me-stay-away-from-this-thing!!!! Really. I have lot of responsibilities , lot of things need to say, lot of things need to settle up!!! But sometime I just hate people who don't have any realation of making me hate him. This sudden hateness might be because he really annoying, exasperating and think that he is the best figure on that group!! Urghh...please yo! His face really look like a punchbag!! I really wanna kick any part of his body especially the bal*!!!~~~ Oh God, why am I so mean?

See, I told you, from the wanna-kick-that-buddy to another personage. Yeah, I already realize tha my Federal Constitution's subject lecturer is the best lecturer I've ever met. Just like Wardina, she has her own objective, very creative and has a great posession of critical thinking. How she really express her feeling about the way Malaysia's governement governance the nation is out-out-out of the box that I always thinking. Her view is a foresee. She just can imagine how the shape f economical thing like that would be in the future if the practical of law and education system are still in the real low level?..... GOOD isn't she?? Well, just made me amaze with all that thing. Today we learnt about Mahkamah, Mahkamah Khas Perkara 182 n 183 Bahagian 15 Perlembagaan Persekutuan. LOL. Pening........anyway, guys!!! Just dont mention that all the royal blood immune to law. It changes now but still, the jurisdiction will forced but the equitability???? UNANSWERED!!!! ;p...say R.I.P. to our law enforcement.

Now, the thing. Some experience that we pick is a wonderful experimentation that you will realize. Even just a glance, it has to be a time that you will never forget. Time after time, after day passes without we never have time to see the sun is a ridiculous. Why is the time move so fast? I just sit on this chair on 6.00 pm and now it's already 6;46. Crap isn't it? That is what some certain Quranic version said about how fast this world move beacause the Hereafter is forthcoming. I need to do something to save myself. I have my own plan the future. Further study for MA and PhD. Teaching and learning. Marry. Having Family. Make good deesds. Contribute to the society and learning from others. Obey Allah's law and die. Everything will I get from keep my mouth open wide for anything. ;p


bangkhair said...

Diriwayatkan bahawa Nabi Daud a.s. sesudah berbuat kesalahan itu, setiap kali dia hendak minum, maka separuh dari isi gelasnya itu adalah air matanya.

Mata-mata yang menangis kerana takutkan Allah adalah haram bagi tersentuhnya api neraka.Bangun, bangkit dan kita harus sedar apa tugas kita sebagai hamba-Nya.

dayanaazhar:) said...

well apparently, while you still have the tongue, the mouth, the pharynx and larynx that could aid you to speak up, then speak. and from there voice out your words, for who knows, you could be heard, and learn things.

Shairazi Saidin said...

bangkhair: بارك الله عليك يا عام!!!!ها..ها..ها
dayana: lol, of course..is sublingual papila counted as well????