I repent over my sins.

Hye great friends, great bloggers and silent readers..hopefully im not gonna piss you off! haha and hello as well to those who hate me ( if there is..), well, starting now on, all the experienced modules of my motivational camp with Allah's permission would be applied!!! WOW, nice touch! Hehe, well, first of all I just wanna say that I feel light, secure, comfortable and greatful. Just like I never feel before. I feel much safe from any other harm. Hurm, why all this happen suddenly? Haha, didnt know. No...it was just b'coz I'd joined a motivational camp held by the Selangor state's government. It was a very well programme of the year! The modules, the facilitators, the people, students, (and the '5 star' hotel itself) just so good. I dont know how to say this loud.

In a small word, I have motivated. Even just for 2 days, it did mean a lot for me. I have so much experiences that I couldnt say it out with just write in this blog. It was huge, enormous, awesome and great...just nice. They deserve a big applause from us.

I still remember last night when it came to the "Nur Muhammad's" slot.

" He is the greatest man ever produce on earth. There is no other else compared to this body. He is a soul. A first impression typical mate. A father who was very caring. A leader to his community. A warrior at the frontier. An a prohet to the whole human being. He had been sent to this world for the sake of proceeding other prophets legacy. He is one, extraordinarily influencing . No other, the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him"

Just what I remember, Kak Yder, the gorgeous and tame 'facy' in that programme made us lent our ears to her just for the stories that we listen over and over and over and over again. A story that is usual. That could be category as 'Miscellaneous'. You can say it lame, old and very whatever. But, once the story told, you would never stop listening. That is the story of 'Nur Muhammad P.B.U.H.'

She started the story of Nur Muhammad or The Light of Muhammad before the creation of Adam. Allah has ordered the Jibril to take soil from the Earth and all the hills refused for their soil taken away. Until one day, the Angel of Death came and shout out loud to the hill to let him take the soil as the order from Ar-Rahman. Then Adam was created and whenever the soul reach his neck ( I guess), he saw beautiful 'diamond like' word, the great word of Lailahaillallah, Muhammad Rasulullah. Can you guys imagine, Adam is the first human created but there's already exist a person named Muhammad Rasulullah? Amazing isnt it?

Well, there's a lot to write. If I have time, I will share some more.




A women who sacrifised her enthuatism of developing human skill just to ensure her community would be among those calibree.



Kak Mas, Kak Yder, Bro Iqwan, Bro Romzi and more.....(i forgot the rest's name, sorry guys)..

بارك الله لكم في أموركم


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