OK! That title is so gay. Who cares. I do love Bruno Mars. No matter he looks like little MJ but pretty much he got a healthy hair! Fine, a stunning hair. Correction. His hair really grow healthily like Adam Lambert's. OH shit. Im talking shit like a again. Bruno, listen here. I'd rather catch a grenade for you than sitting inside a MOBILE TOILET like that fuckin' STEVE-O did. It was grose dude. Aren't your mom teach what 'Hygiene' means in the Urban Dictionary? OH shit. Shit was flying like a flock of goose in New York Park or Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. (Google Map, thanks a lot). JACKASS 3D is really a new dimention of dicks and nude straight guys. Watta fuckin hell are guys naked around? Just give your bloody hell dicks to dogs. It would be much more interesting. OK, i know I curse too much. But just wanna say this. This 10th April, Bruno Mars is gonna have his concert at PWTC( Yeah, that fuckin small ball room, that was the UMNO's assembly for JACKASS movement!!!!!!!) . I didnt know why they're choosing PWTC instead of our own glourious Putra Bukit Jalil Stadium. Comfortable and sweatless. Read the details by your own m####er!

*click for d### enlargement.


Well, here it goes. I hope that Imanah Hadi would politely join me rockin PWTC that night coz I was just done having a conversation with her. She did asked me about the concert but at the moment I didn't know that the ticket is available but then I knew after I checked out my friend's facebook page who seems delightfully a big fan of Bruno as well. Ah gosh. I just love this day! A big hug for those who made my days ................SHINING SPLENDIDLY LIKE HEAVEN...... A BIG KISS AND HUGS FOR YOU GUYS.

Here goes the list:

1. Thank God I have Boboy In The House and Alif Isman for keep me accompany during our splendid time at Sunway Pyramid. I felt like stupid Arabian nighmare if I go there alone. We went for shopping spree, striked for bowling (I won by the way and hit the record for 149 pins record la). I wish I could be a pornstar, i mean..a bowl-star. 'Coz when we were throwing that ball into the cave, we were influenced by two super profesional bowlers whom keep striking all the pins and I really damn envy okay! So, I got the spirit from that point! Done with bowl, we went to shop. I bought DOMO DOMO bag for my baby boy, Awish for his 2nd birthday bash 2 days left perhaps. It was the cutest one and I have no patient to wait to look him try it on! Nakal boy but chomel....

*This is how the bag look like. Pretty cute huh?! I fell in love with Domo once again! HELL. Love this creature.

Done with that, we went to BoConcept coz my mate needs a wallet like I own. So, he went to search there and he bought nothin. Buy I did like usual. A splendour goddess BRACELET for RM19.90. Shit, just wanna show you the picture but I couldn't find a camera for a better view. Damn. I'll show you next time. Then, we hit for Tutti Frutti as I've been craving for Ice Cream like hell and been charged RM11.oo++. Holy damn for 200++grams. But, it was tastefully Goddesss..again. :) . Gonna be there once again.

2. And the second things that I really feel like appreciated is...there is a blogger who did a review for my blog. Awh, babe..that was really touch. YES. You touched my heart. That is my first time being reviewed in other people's blog. Excited? YES. Truly excited. I really hope that next time Nazihah Rastam will do a blog review for me. That's gonna be great babe. Oh, forget to mention the blogger's name. And she is .......drumrolll!!!!!

IZZAH ZULKIFLI....*click her name to view her awesome blog. oh, this is what she blogged about me.

"blog bro nie pon ringkas.and the last update, dy vlogging...woah!!..dy shopping sakan weyh..habis lah dapat membe laki macam nie..suke shopping..susa nak dapat guy yang ske teman/ikot kite shopping nie..CAYA LA!!"

*unedited VERSION.LOL.

YES BABE. Best la sangat dapat laki mcm gua ni. Duit bini gua pon gua sanggup kebas kalo desperate nak beli SNOODE TOPMAN! HAHAHA. No la. I did love shopping and sometimes it calms me down but not after shopping. Regretting is the suffer. Tapi kalo ada masa, jom la shopping sesama! MIAOW! :)

A little review for her blog:

"Blog awk ni sangat kemas, oren2 gitu kan....pastu latest entry dia pasal dia melawat blog2 orang. WOW! Dia buat review pasal blog2 yg dia jejak and of course my blog is one of them. Cayalah, mana dapat idea ni ha? SEMART! Terharu sangat bila orang buat review pasal blog yg x femes langsung nih..THANKS"


*cutenye bear mcm DOMO DOMO!

3. and the third part of this blissful story is having a conversation with Imanah Hadi. Splendidly, I did enjoy our time babe. Miss you like crazy. And the best part of our story is when we are sharing about MUSIC. I didn't know you play guitar. I hope someday you gonna hit the strings and I'll sing.Awesome. Cool. Hey, help your dad. Work properly and LOVELY! Help him as long as you can. Pay for what he did for you. We gonna rockin Bruno's stage! YEAH! .......


4. Last thing before went off to bed. Here you guys, the girls off the door. Nazihah Rastam. She is dreamin' to be as rich as Beyonce Knowles. I'm a rich lady, I'm a rich put your heads up! *While showing her angel ring. HAHA. Well, Churp Churp gave money but there's a single thing Churp Churp can't give. You wanna know what? ...A happy time to argue and fight witcha. HAHA. That's why I always layan you je. HAHA. Say to Aiman, lamaran anda ditolak mentah2. HAHAHA. Funny guy. HUH! just fun..thanks for tonight, continue later on okay!! Keep smiling gonna get yours once the fate came. LALALALA~

OK PRETTY PEOPLE! That's all for today. Im headche. Overjoy. Eagerness. Splendid. Boudoir. Me Amore Vole fe yah. I was born to be happy and sad.




Izzah | zulkifli said...

wah..trime kaseh lah awak..sayang awk jugak lah..=D

btw,nanti nak g shoppin lagi,roger lah ekh..hehe

sy ad new post..and u're included..
check em out yeah..

Shamsuddin Amin said...

mak ai... panjgnye... hehe
ak nk beg tu... cantek seyh...^^

Santan Berlada : Yey... Ak jadi Head chef...^^

Shairazi Saidin said...

izzah: awh....sweet! Sayang awk jugak. Hug2. :) thanks. reviewed again and again and again. HAHA. LOVE IT!

Shairazi Saidin said...

DD: haha. baru feeling oi panjang2. comel dowh beg tuh! :)

Azam Shah said...

yeahh bruno~ :D best2!!