Frankly said, this is funny. I've been doing all things in traditional way. I have lost my path? Probably but I still hold on tight to my faith. I'm barely lost my identity and life and I almost commit suicide. I have problem? Well thank God. He still gives me problems. I don't want to sit still and enjoy life without any hectic and problemos. It is lifeless. Im stick in front of the PC and blogging? What on earth is happening to me bro? Im totally feel like sitting on a chair with my ass floating almost all the way to the heaven and my body is like ash. Yes, from the ashes to ashes. But seriously I feel light instead of having to face with some kind of rubbish. I hate stomping on my way to my room and slammer the door as hard as I can. U dont know what I feel right now. I feel discriminated and leaved. It feels like you have a circle of social friends and suddely been left alone in a dark and freezing-to-the-bone room. Dont you fuckin think that is soooo fucking disgusting and higly-insulted and snorra arrggghhhhh. Whatever is still whatever, they hate, they want to insult, discriminate or still who I am. Im hard, thick and cold blooded. Dont you dare to say Im egoist you fucking annoying creaturee.... people do tend to misconduct and think they are the right as always and blame those who looks innocently stupid and straight.

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