Flash back 'fighting' memories..!!!

I was remembering back my memory with my friends days during our pantun competition. Hurm, may be tomorrow our class students will presenting 'pantun' for tomorrow's presentation. They are groups of girls will presenting infront of me as the 'ex-national pantun competition contestent' . Gagaga...i'm not trying to show off but no one of my classmate know that I was joined for that contest. Gagaga....actually, I want to reflash about my competition with some school around M1 zone. SMKA Al Mashoor (Boys) is the renowned school with its pantun team that was always representing Penang for the national level contest. I'am quite proud of our achievement actually is. Huhuhu... I still remember when the first time I saw my senior practicing for their competiton. Its attract me to join the team. I was so much eager to know about pantun. I learn and I learn until I get what we call the X factor of myself that I can show during tha audition. Snap, I pass the audition and that qualifying me to be in the team. Afiq Zamer,Fadhil,Yaya and I are the team member. We practice everyday just to make sure that we can do well in the competition. For the M1 zone, we fought with a private chinese school and we won. I already expected that we gonna win because all that chinese are totally broking my language. I will never forget on how they read the pantun and their words are completely terrible ( ape la aku ni, tak baik betul). And after that, we fight for the semi-finale with SMK ( i forgot which school) and I was so shivering at the moment. Finally we won. Hahaha...we keep practicing until the day for the finale, I FOUGHT WITH MY OWN FRIEND FROM SMK AIR ITAM!!! Crap, they did a very terrible job, we won again..!!!! gagagaga.......keep winnings!!

And now, we could till state level....after a hard and tough competition with SMK Bukit Jambul, SMK Al Mashoor ( Girls) and SMK Dato' Onn,we won the competition and will represent Penang for the national level.

our team with sabah bah......

Picture above is Penang representation with the Sabah representation. Now, find me,hahaha!!!
This is the first day we make friend with them. They are so cool. I still keep their phone number. Haha..so,the competition was held in Kelantan. A beautiful place to relax your mind from the city hustle and bustle. Gagaga....we was so shock whenever the competition was held in a very popular resort. It was totally cool. The resort was located next to a beautiful white sandy beach with a very 'hot' scenary.

This is the time we snap picture with Putrajaya's Boys School. Quite photogenic....

For the first round in the national level, we fought with a school ( dah lupe name ape da..) and damn we lost. Huarghh.....maybe not enough practice and too much play and eat!!! Gagaga...they serve too much dishes for us. Gagaga....but we not stop until here. Then, we fought with a school and alhamdulillah we won and thence we lost again..hahaha,serve our right!!!!!

Hurm, at last we never get any place even the third place. It was so..so..so..upset. But however, manage to fight for the national level was just so enough for us to be proud of ourselves and at least we get to be the page cover for our school magazine for the students who makes school proud. Gagaga..

Kedah representation with us.....

Selangor Representation with us.....Afiq Zamir with his own posing style..cool!!! Still finding me????

Huargh...rindu korang!!! AL MASHOOR...keeps doing better!!!!! Caiyok-caiyok Hadi, Fadhil, Yaya and simpanan ..(sape ntah)!!!!!

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hidop mashoor!
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