::: [disinikerjazmemfofularkandirisnirixbermulazz]::: ~ntahpape~

Salam kekonichiwaan..gagagaga!!!

Huhuhu..bukan slalu aku nak wat TAG neyh...kengkadang soalan dia macam motherf****....x besh langsung....sekadar nak mencapap di blogz2 jew...tapi TAG dari syari ni cam best jew...lagi p0wn leh gak kenalkan [memfofularkanzzz] diri snirix pada kawan2 bloggerz lain an...gagaga!!

[>>thisis mypicturemasangahsengalsket.katbawahtutulisanjepongbukancinaekk<<]

| Myself |

First name : Shairazi
Name you wish you had : Shirai Shimazaki
What do people normally your name as : Shai [ok fine...PAK LONG,that's what geng KITAseKAKI always call me xpecially DERIS]
Birthday : June 19, 1990
Birthhplace : Kepala Batas, Penang
Time of birth : 6.00 a.m.
Single or taken : Single [available and horrible]
Zodiac sign : Gemini

| My Appearance |

How tall are you : 168 cm
Wish you were taller : 180 cm
Eye color : black
Current hair color : black
Short or long hair : short
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : last month
Glasses or contacts : Glasses
Paint your nail : Nop
Shy or outgoing : outgoing and shy [tol keww??]
Sexy or cute : Auww.....[??]
Serius or fun : both
A turn on : ??
A turn off : ??

| This or That |

Flowers or chocolates : choc
Rap or rock : Acoustic/indie/RnB
Relationship or one night stand : relationship
School or work : school
Love or money : both
Movie or music : both
Country or city : country
Sunny or rainy days : Sunny and rainy [rain before twilight is just so sexy]
Friends or family : family become 1st

| Have u ever I

Lied : yes
Stole something : maybe
Smoked : Nop
Hurt someone close to you :
Broke someone's heart : loads [ not just specific person...mean me!!]
Wonder what was wrong with you : yes
Wish you were prince or princess : prince
Like someone who was taken : yes
Shaved you head : no..NEVER
Used chopstick : when I need
Sang in the mirror to yourself : always

| Favourites |

Flower : kind of..
Candy : Cadbury
Song : Deeper conversation
Color : Red
Movie : 27 Dresses
Singers : Colbie Caillat/Norah Jones/Yuna/Jason Mraz/Beyonce
Junk food : Loads..
Website : social networking
Location : Bandar sri putra, Bangi
Animal : Kite ske minatng tomei2 cam dr. animal [~ngee~] x kisah menantg hape pon...mostly kucing ahh~
Ever cried over someone : yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : yes!
Do you think you're attractive : Yeah!! I like this one...
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose : Jack and the beanstalk
Do you play any sports :
Bowling and badminton.. [long time no play]


babymiLosh said...


sila tambahkan sifat keperibinatangan dlm diri anda howkeyh! chentai binatang kerana sesungguhnya binatang itu perlu dichentai..

p/s: pesanan dr animal loverz.. huuu


Shairazi Saidin said...

a'ah lor...kite luper arr!!! set~....thanks baby milosh...memng cute awak neyh!!! peace.......arighato g0zaimaU!!!! ~gagagagagag~

anak posmen chemor said...

What do people normally your name as : Shai tipu2 paklong haha :p

Single or taken : Single [available and horrible] taken by mem kan xD

Like someone who was taken : yes mem single r :D

Shairazi Saidin said...

piece of s***!!!! mam is just s0 big and terriblezzzz...~yauw~

babymiLosh said...


babymilosh=kawai? haik2~

hahaha *shengal*

aizul said...


sgt mencapub..

itu saja boleh saya katakan..


Shairazi Saidin said...

babymilosh- ~MEMANGZ SHENGaLZZ!!!

aizol-kurengzz..nak map0sz...tp dh jadik hobi 'hencik' nak mencapapz...gagagaga!!! ske ati arr ..buweekk!! gagaga..~ittekimas~