Salam Kekonichiwaan...gagagagaga!!!



I hate stupid question on tag [cakap jer tuhh!!]...since I found this questions quite interesting...so ..nak wat lah!!!!!!! ~yayy~

This tagg was came from ~thE maDDY the Dudeey~


The rules are simple(1.
First, open your Google Image Search Engine.(2.
Then, answer the questions below by search the photo related in the only first page of the search engine.(3.
Next, post the photo as your answer. You may put an eloberation under the photo.(4.
Last but not least, tag your favourite friends (Unlimited).(5.

LET's GO!!!!!

1. Your favourite nickname

I prefer this at the moment!!

2. Your favourite pl
ace to go

Frankly said..that's not me!!!! I love library very mush...love books too [ceewah..poy0z jerk]

3. Your favourite color

Hot and sexy!!!

4. Your favourite dress/clothes

Gua bey ske cam niarr...T-shirt, jeans and jacket!!! [ake ati akue arr nk pakai hape p0nz]
. Your favourite food

~yummyzz.....lapaq doh nie~~~~

6. Your favourite drink

~dahaga la plak..jom gi minum carrot susu kat cafe sbelah~

7. Your favourite fruit
~papaya.....bukan pepaya cite bangangz tu ekk~~
8. Your favourite veggetable

~This is also vegetable is it? shedap giler tahap gaban arr.....
makan ngan ayam panggang ..marvellous..love coleslaw very much..gagaga~
9. Your favourite animal~miaooww...hello kitty~ TOMEINYERK~~~~~!!!

10. Your favourite body part

[don't ask me why..usah ditanya daku mengapa..>actually ada lagi my fav part...hihihihi<]

I Wanna Tag:

~aizol marcello~
~irene marcello~

dan semua yang usha n tatp blog ni sampai nk muntah.......

p/s : ekut ske ati arr nk jawab ke x...tol x amad??? gagagagaga....




babymiLosh said...


tag anda shaye peram dolu ehhh =)

Shairazi Saidin said...

its ok...~x pakse~..thanx beb mil0sh~~~~

Anonymous said...

heyy. cumeyy la dik! add my link k

anak posmen chemor said...

gagaga haizz paklong moge cepat sembuh :p

baila,bella said...

suka amat ngn kucing berbaju hello kitty tu

Shairazi Saidin said...

thanx all.....baru leh update blog stlah kena dengue yg mcm shit tuh....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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