All Cops Are Basta*d

Assalamualaikum and this is my 90th post, well, it's not the time to celebrate, its time to PROVOKE. I've been visited one of my classmate's cousin's blog. R E L A K S ...i found something that makes me want to have this kind of provocation, that's the matter that I begin to listen to A.C.A.B. I'm not trying to force myself being extremists or whatsoever, but I found this reality that I thought will never ever found in this 'peaceful' and 'tranquil' country of Malaysia..kononnya. I bet your heart will torn into pieces if you know your family was arrested for provoking their voice upon public ( of course demonstration)..what kind of democracy is this? Ok, my suggestion, lets turn Malaysia to a was that? kinda good suggestion? Well, as you can see in this video, people who trying to protect human right got caught which is from kalangan pak cik and mak cik. And police play kasar nampak..tak reti berbudi bahasa ke? Mangk*k tol... I remember what my lecturer said, police should be choosen among educated people, the old syllabus of chosing cops among those who have the higher education only from SPM is not releven already, they must be those who educated so that they will nurture values upon public and there will be negative reports of power abuse and world will safe from 'cops crime', no need to be hypocrite wearing 'Saya x eat risuah' button on pocket. Agree? thank you. My heart still crush for what had happend to that makcik, I hate c***, i dunno why everytime i met up with cops, i feel they are the most 'malang' people ever. I have a story to share with. A few weeks back, I went to police station for my form business. After quiet a while inside the station, one of the cops starts to cigarette..heck, he's not respecting me!!! As people know, I hate smoke and people who smokes ( sorry to say..) I assumed they are 'semalang-malang' manusia di bumi Allah ini and what makes me 'geram' is ..he is a cop, there is public inside the station, he shouldn't light cigarette and lay back rest to show he's g00d enough..I start to think at the moment, if person who tried to advice others did the wrong mistake, is there gonna be that what we call as 'person to advice'?..that's what we call as 'person more advance'!! to my hand..!!! Sorry to say, at the moment I saw this vid, my disgust boosting!! Assalamualaikum.


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mmg trok an..sian maklang ak..nak mnitis airmrt ak tgok my kezen n my maklang were been doing lyke dat..crueL~~!

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