Du'a for Allah to save us.

Assalamualaikum, and well before that ( it means before i taking my breakfast), there's something much crucial that I have to do, spreading du'a to protect us from H1N1, still, my sister sent it over to me, the du'a is quite weird but who knows, maybe it works and i'am trying to spread it for the whole world ( isn't that good?)..h0h0h0...actually, this du'a comes in Portable Document Format (PDF of course..) and i put a lot of effort to convert it into Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG pronounced "jay-peg"), i've been search for software that can convert it and at last, after a quite a while research and study, I found this holy cool PDF converter, it is the "Universal Document Converter", it works pretty good and after downloaded, i bet you'll find it certainly easy to use. Nice to see nice to...nothing to do with that. Let's take a glance on it.

Well, kind of cool huh?? ngee...i love technology, well about the du'a, kind of great triumph to convert it to JPEG and I found this software have it's 'TRADEMARK' over my du'a, pretty interfering and penyibuk, dah la tulis unregistered..ngee..yes, its just a demo....now, let's recite du'a altogather...

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