The first day at home, it's raining.

Assalamualaikum and it's my first day as a 'Happy Holiday - Thanks H1N1', great day, no sun burst my sweat, feel cool breeze sweep my ear, watching 'Macam-macam Aznil' as I woke up and sit infront of Samsung 16" LCD flat dekstop screen and eat nothing. Huh, I notice I sigh a lot nowadays, h0h0...I slept pretty late last night, you know, update my facebook, watch videos and looking cool stuff sambil layan x-fresh. I certainly fell in love with 'Sisa sisa' from The Times, great song that I never heard from'em before, I check my mailbox today and realize that my sister at Kedah send me something. I laugh happily as I know what she sent over me. A bunch of Baby pictures entitled 'No words to tell about their feelings', wanna see..enjoy....h0h0h0!!

I just shut my mouth up as I cursed H1N1, my bad, I realize and it's not good for me as a Muslim, I repent and back to what someone said to me all about it, words from Allah makes me realize that everything He gave to us is a gift eventhough it is a test. Back to Allah, Shairazi.

"Hai manusia, sesungguhnya telah datang kepadamu pelajaran dari Tuhanmu dan penyembuh bagi penyakit-penyakit (yang berada) dalam dada dan petunjuk serta rahmat bagi orang-orang yang beriman."

Al Quran Surah Yunus : 57

Thanks friend for the sarcasm reminder, hoho, by the way, I'am waiting for anybody wants to bring me to MTV Worldstage at Sunway Lagoon, I can't get out of my brain hours and hours as I got know that my crazy in love with ALL AMERICAN REJECT will be there to hit their fans. Hopefully without any barriers, I can go there and enjoy myself and still, it's all about H1N1, it's gonna be a horrible place for H1n1 to spread, I have to think the effect, Shairazi, between your health and enjoyment, and your dad of course, which is important? Of course my 4 years stay with me Sony Ericsson K300i, la........talking bout my dad, yes..he already admitted to PPUM as a preparation for his upcoming surgery in next week's Friday. I have pray a lot and will continue praying till the end of my life. O Allah, please forgive our sins, our parents and all the Muslims in this world. Well, it starts to rain. I have to go now coz' I did not have my breakfast yet, so..till then, love kiss from me to those who was called home to Allah, Assalamualaikum.

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