What life put yourself on.

Assalamualaikum and what a bad crap day today, certainly not just for me but for those have to get their backpack and fill clothes to get home, well, i'm a lil' bit nervous for this kind of condition, suddenly got remember the creep movie,what's that..urm, yes..'Quarantine'..i was hoping that my campus will be perfecta mente safe from H1N1, damn...i'm not pray properly maybe..h0hah0ha.. well, i'm not use t0 this kind of situation, people m0ve fast to reach h0me afraid of contamination and got stranded in train and worst wear surgical face mask..i saw everyone very concern of this influenza, well the first time we heard bout it, we just take it easily,i personally thought that this crap wouldn't reach Asia ( Malaysia of course...) but i always got wrong...far-far-far away we heard bout it, see schools and premises in Mexica closed and what we saw happened to us. ayoyo..menakutkan la.... I still consider that i have to continue writing so that i wouldn't get out and get myself that little holy crap thing inside my breathing system. Ahaks, after a long rest from write, got stuck between dilemmas and got heal from headache matters, well..i'am back for request certainly. I still remeber my last post, i have to study for exam,and n0w i've got the result, a bit down but still in dean list, i really quiet upset for myself for everything that i've done that cause me to do worst in exam. Of course Beyonce still my girl
(wannabe) hahaha...nothing to do with what i'm trying to say..alright, from now on, i'm g0nna change the way of writing, not what i always did before, kind of lack informative and crap stuff to share with you guys here, maybe this time i have to start to write in multi-languages extremely heavy stuff (mean me)..well, if i write in English, it means i'm trying to improve my English usage and so on...well guys, there's been a lot of things happened for the last two months, there's thing which was i had celebrating my birthday, got ambush and being busy for my Bachelor..woho..for me, it a challenge days...and stuff like this makes our life colourful. Yeah, we always have problems and things we do is solve it, we have time to fill with benefits and some time to get alone with someone who always listen to what you always feel about. While you still live in this planet Earth, try to apprecite for what you always have, make yourself enjoy with God's creation and save those who pretty upset. Cheer everyone who you think got lost in their life. That's what i wanna say for my first attempt for new way of blogging. I'm gonna stop say something crap and hopeless..well guys, be part of me and try to run a support for me and people around you. Now, let's talk about me, am I change? anybody know?? i will collapse here if someone say 'yes' coz i'am afraid of mysterious friend..h0h0h0...yeah, i'am not change, i'am still who i'am...love to smile, make friends mad and happy sometimes try to make myself kind of 'poyo'..well, it's just part of me, i still love for what i'am doing and put a lot of hope so that my dad gonna heal from his pain. I'am deliberately not to include picture or any distract stuff as i'am trying to make this post the 'suci' one and the 'murni' one coz my soul right now is so 'murni and suci' one...well, till then i guess..i felt so tired and g0nna need rest, see ya, Assalamualaikum.

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