The Chihuahua Pandemic.

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps! argh, what a day!! Btw, its September 11, whoa! you mean me right?? Well, there's truly a deep serious problem that our students here facing with and it's totally a thread to the student's life activities and the admin do nothing. This pandemic is extremely invaded our college for the last two week since Ramadhan. Ramadhan should be the month of serenity and sootheness but things turned up to be another way. I really don't understand why this such pandemic invading our college as I think the students are really clear about the way to prevent all types of pandemic. I see students washing hands before taking meals, take a long time in bathroom and wearing smart and clean attire to college. Well, this pandemic is really hazardous than swine flu ever attacked. The effect of this ailment caused the students to bark crazily, burning mercun bola mercilessly and shouting foul and dirty words again and again. The admin should take measures to ensure that this pandemic will be cured before the next semester. The Ministry of Health had identified this 'life-threat' pandemic as...

'The Chihuahua Ailment'

P.S.I : My advice to students who suffer from this symptoms:

  • Bark crazily.
  • Burning firework mercilessly.
  • Shouting dirty words.

Please sign up for the asylum nearby...toodles!!!!!


Ejay said...

ur entry ni buat aku berfikir la
apa yg ko cuba sampaikan ni.. hehe
mgkn aku yg lambat digest kot
now baru aku

Shairazi Saidin said...

My fury towards org yg suke bakar mercun and suka melalak tak tentu pasal kt hostel.

Anonymous said...

such a good language used in your blog. think u can be a professional someday..
still not someday but today also can.