The solitution.

Assalamualaikum and aloha peeps. I'm gonna break fast alone today. Not perhaps. Shamim got his ass off the dorm. He went back to Kajang as he wants to see his little sister born last week. Pretty cute huh! I'm totally love babies. Shamim, send my kiss to her. Mus is gone as well as Shamim did. He went break fast with his friend left me inside the isolated dorm. Holycow. I have a paper left for exam and again and again its continue stiffling me and make me sick! I'am hoping that I'm gonna do very well for the next paper. I left other two on Tuesday and yesterday. The BIAQ and BLAI are making me bliss. I thought with my long time not in the class can burn my brain away. I keep scurry from class days before my late dad's gone. I'am sick talking about exam.

Now, let's check this out. I've been using Photoscape for the first time ( yeah,kinda outdated). I keep using Photoshop all this while and the result for Photoscape was terrific. I start to burning up my lust for editing and I upload all those photos in Facebook thou! yay..

Lately, I got myself been trapped in my own feeling. I just can't get myself out from them. I just miss my dad so much. My tears drop a lot this morning when suddenly I woke up from my tight sleep and caught a zeal sound from others room's window. It was a 'Raya songs' played. My sister text me a message last week. Abruptly she said ' Sedihnya dengar lagu raya'. I had tried to comfort her and change topic. I don't know weather I should forget the past nor keep my tears drop. Bye peeps.

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