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HOla beatiful strangers,it's my 101 post!! let's celebrate..yay!! ok, last week had been the toughest week of all. The exodus was set up and everyone back to their basic. They leaved the places and went to work and do things they always do as usual.I still have 1 to 2 weeks of holidays need to spend and I still here at Penang and sometime its killing me. Boredom is overwhelming. I just really don't know what else should I do rather than sleep, eat and gazing my eyes on TV. I'm so fortunate as my sister's netbook has what I really need. I haven't yet watch several episodes from Heroes season 3. My embark to continue my adventure with the '9 wonders' is always blasting. Well, it's not what I really wanna tell you guys here, there's something formidable embraced me last week. It was fraught with perilous and harzardous. OMG. Shocks always killing me. It was invaded my soul since my dad's heart attack tragedy. It always wading me and I'm afraid of defection as its daunting. Blah..blah..blah.. back to the point. It was my neighbour. She's 70-80 y.o. and always laid her back in my house as she's my mom best mate. My mom is 51 y.o. an she calls her as 'Mak Lang'and of course I have to call her as 'Tok lang',she's nice, well chatter and keep make my mom smiles. I do love her as my own grandma. We actually have some sort of realtiveship. In a sunny Monday afternoon, as my brother and I just arrived from bank, my mom abruptly shouting from the back yard that she needs help as I was there, my brother and I saw 'tok lang' collapsed on the floor. Her hand and every inch of her body was getting so cold. I approach her and plead her to utter 'syahadah'. I was so terribly afraid. We called her daughter who was just cooking inside her house next to us. Her daughter came in rush (and crying of course) and I kept her to pray a lot. Alhamdulillah she spoke and can communicate pretty well. It was indescribable. I can't barely speak and really close to cry. My mind just got sudden recalled to what just had happened to my dad 2 weeks before he passed away and of course he had been through arduous trek along that period. Back to the story, we huddled around her to confirm her consciousness. I'd started to fan her up. I can't deny its really a hot day just like we felt the solar is on top of our head. Crap day. The harrowed condition pulled my brother to call 911. After a few minutes of waiting, the ambulance came and took her away and everything looks fine as she can walk to the ambulance and talk. Pheww...it was really hard situation but still it was not the worst that ever happen to abah. She just faint because of the high blood pressure. She was took to the hospital and went back home in the evening. Alhamdulillah she's doing good until today. My goodness, it was a really insipid day. I'd started to tangle and crumble. It wasn't really a wake-up call but it was just a haunting solitution. I got myself crying inside the bathroom. I also discovered myself that I was vulnerably sobbing. Frankly said, I miss my dad. The tragedy that afternoon had made me recalled the unforgettable situation. Yeah..yeah..I'm so susceptible.. sort of easily impressed emotionally, haha..funny isn't it? Not funny..Well, there's always been outrageous things happen to me and for sure I really don't like things came in shock but still I love surprise bithday party. haha..At the end of day, Allah is the way for us to heal all sort of pain. To him we seek tranquility and peacefulness. The immense invocation to Him hopefully will sorting the mess. By the way, we ( my sister, my bro in law, my mom. Darwish the cutest baby of all and me) went to Alor Star, Kedah for some traditional medication treat. As we reached that urm..what should I call him.. ustaz? shaman? ridiculous lying ancient doctor? whatever, as we reached his house, ( kinda modern penthouse..whoa), fulled of bris lack of bling bling, we entered,we sat and I crying for starveness. Haha..it sounds so funny when suddenly the "ustaz? shaman? ridiculous lying ancient doctor?" came out ploddly. With lighted cigarette stucked between his black thick lips and smoke rose to the sky, it was a macabre. His sturdy and huge body with so kampung and not so "an ancient doctor" outfit made me giggling inside. What on earth is that? A gigantic ball in mud? Holy crap. He sat and not talk for a moment until at a second he spoke. "Nak tengok ole-ole dari Gunung Jerai?". OMG, what the hell is wrong with him? As I saw him and about Gunung Jerai, I'd start to think about Bunian (people from the other dimension) Gosh, was he communicate with'em? Yes, I was correct. He brought a lot of jewelleries from necklaces, bracelets and rings and he got all of them from that "Bunian"..euuww! I was deadlock and keep thinking of lieness. Such a masquerade individu. Apparently, those jewelleries was pretty seductive and full of enticement. Luckily I was born to be a man. Hahaha. I just don't get that "ustaz? shaman? ridiculous lying ancient doctor?". I didn't mean to not believe about "bunian" as I believe in the existence of satans and jinns as they are Allah's slaves just like us too but getting jewelleries from them? urm..i'm sorry. Well, my starveness really getting over my brain. I kept my fingers cross hopefully we can get our ass out from the harrowing house. We ate and we leaved AS..ngee..Alor star a.s.a.p.I got dozed off in the car and we arrived in drizzle. I love rain. See ya beautiful strangers. Thanks for read. Ciao.

so this her. The one who I mentioned.

And this is the cutest boy of all. Also mentioned!

Well, this is my mom and left to her is me!! haha..funny glance of me!

and awish's parent. so, that's what people always call as romantic? well, not so cool!

p/s: people on the pictures are those who in my script!! hahaha....


aizul said...

aku tak baca ntry kawww!

tapi aku suka pic budak kecik tuh!!

Ejay said...

congrats on ur 101th post!!!

keep blogging dude..

Shairazi Saidin said...

aizul: haha..aku tau, aku memang syok snirik!! org x bace nyer..haha, ittew anak buah aku, dia memang phunky!

ejay: thanks ejay, i will!