YUNA can thanked, why you can't?

Hola beautiful strangers, i'm totally!! well guess what, I met YUNA. Haha, we're not really have a 'deeper conversation' but I went to her show at ACMS Open House. Whoa, she did as great as she was even there was 'lil bit pitch off and sound disorder (~ngee) still she's my girl. Haha, I have some pictures here to 'show off' haha. Jangan jeles. I was really..really.. really.. intoxicated. She's hot dude. This was my first time on her show and saw her in gracefulness with cute poke-dotttt baju kurung and pink tudung..pheew, she was really blow me away. She sang few raya songs and exceptionally stylish 'Rocket' and of course 'Dan Sebenarnya'. Haha..i bet you gonna melt with 'Rocket'. It always be my favourite of all. It's embroider of love. Jiwang sioot. Actually, I was so alone there when suddenly I text my friend..old friend actually, told him that I was at the party. la sangat. I was kinda weird bozo there. I was wearing gig's outfit. Haha..gosh, seems like I was attracted peoples there. Well, I really don't even care about that as I'am totally a geek! what, who cares? others were wearing smart attire of Baju Melayu and i was a different. I had to go back to my friend's house and fetched him and back to ACMS. Well, we hadn't meet for a really long period and he seems as he was.As we arrived, he gets his ass off my car and suddenly he leaved me there alobne. I was so fuckin' hope that he will accompany me there instead he leave me there alone and join his flock!! FCUK HIM!! I didn't say anything to him and just let him do what he wanna do. I really upset and it was so lacklusture. To fetch him, it was really a blesphemy. FCUK HIM again!! The thing that really whacked me out was he didn't say any gratefulness word as I take him to his 'own college'. FCUK HIM again. I was just hoping a 'thank you' or 'thanks'. Urghh....YUNA said thanks to me why you can't?!!!! Man, if you read this, the laceration will never heal!! You're such a briss to me.
Notice yg sanagt tak kreatif.
She's performing.
Yuna,pa'an,efry and adil.

Yuna again.

Aku yg sememangnya bosan. Sedang tangkap pic snirik coz ada kawan x ley harap.

Me again. In boredom.

My beloved sneaker. Paul Smith ok!

She keeps me accompany. Cat better.



Qis said...

superb! :D

Ejay said...

ala.. kesiannya dia. sape member u tu? meh i bg pelempang jepun sket. kuang hajo btol main tinggal2 org camtuh. FCUK to him gak!! haha.

Shairazi Saidin said...

Anonymous (should have here): tq, i dh bace komen you tp nape you delte?

qis: credit goes to you too qis.

ejay: pengomen setia i, thanks ejay for backuping me. Rase honoured sangat, haha ( honoured la sangat).. I s2ju kalo pelempang tu terbang lagi jauh dari Jepun, erk like USA maybe. hahah.. yeah, enjoy th 'FCUK'..(sounds weird)

arnamee said...

Salam ..

cool. jarang tgok yuna dgn baju begitu, comey:)

p/s: just ignore kwn mcm tu. ;p

Shairazi Saidin said... s2ju.

KetAm MaiN aiR.!! said...

aku rasa aku tau sapa da..uhuhu..eleks lew..aku pun penah gaduh ngan da...uhuhuu..ingt x..???

Shairazi Saidin said...

Azril Hafifi, aku x akn pernah lupa memori indah kawan ku ini!!! hahahaha...asam kureng, ada blog ghupenyer!!

nazem pendy said...

hmm now i noe bro.. so sory my friend! bt really upset jus bcoz of lil prob..:( cant imagine ur way la..huhu. sory wei,aku xdak niat..btw,now i thank!

Shairazi Saidin said...

OMG, i really have no idea that you gonna read this bro. it's beyond my expectation. I need a total massive forgiveness from you if my way of giving advice doesn't seem so good. Btw, it was really a big deal and sorry for not telling you this i'm upset of myself!! sorry nazim!! malunyer.................i know how you would feel if you meet with your friends. OMG, i'am ashame!!!!

nazem pendy said...

huhu..its ok! im should b blamed. sory wei..aku xtaw lak sampe cani jadiknya..igtnya mmg nk jmpa hg x sempat lak..igt x aku msg ang tnya ktna? huhu..xpa2, thanx eh 4 evatin!

Shairazi Saidin said...

urghh....speechless okay!

nazem pendy said...

dont blaming urself la.. aku yg salah la..dah2! aku mintak maap 4 the 3rd tym..:)

Shairazi Saidin said...

erk, apology accepted but still...just, FORGET 'BOUT IT!

WAFDA said...

memandangkan sume terrer speaking.
tp aku nak jugak guna bahasa ibunda ku.
ngeh3 ~
apesal gmbr yuna xjelas?gmbr ko je yg jelas? aih~~~~

Nurul Afifah said...

okfine aku jeles..

Shairazi Saidin said...

Aiyo, ni entry zaman batu, boleh commnt lg ke? haha.