Aiyoo...what the heck???!!!

Good morning and welcome to nightline.

I'am so damn aimlessly dont really know what to do peeps. Gosh, Im gonna have mid-term exam for tomorrow and the preparation is not really enough to answer for the whole page even the lecturer will demand for the main points only. Well, im good in including additional information and most important is 'copy-and-paste' the question back if I plunge into a sudden death blank. Peeps, I really dont understand this whole classes+assignment+examinations things. It just like make me feel bad, worse as days passed 'coz im really not good in settle this things down. Do I really need someone to share this whole bunch exasperating problems? Might think so. LOL. Right, today's Islamic Admin Law was underwent barely in trouble. I left a topic behind which the lecturer made it one of the question. Thanks! :( Hopefully everything will be fine. Something annoying ever happen again? YES!!! There should be English presentation for today and we have prepared for the shot in a night which I have to sleep until 2 a.m. just to finish the work and at the same time stretching my eyes over loads of tomorrow's Islamic Admin Law exam. COOL huh? ya rite....we choosed Steve Irwin A.K.A. The Crocodile Hunter as the famous figure of personage for his contribution for the wildlife. All of sudden, the lecturer didnt come and I was really..really..upset. She should told us earlier before. Huh! But, it's ok! At least we ready for the next presentation. Huh! Again...AIYO!!!!!!!

AIYO.......apa daaa!!!

Just wanna say that tomorrow..



For the Mass Communication week!!! Cool huh? ;p

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