Oh! Playing With Silence

I went back to Penang last week. I took a train on freaky Friday night. I was so bored of writing my notes when the first 30 minutes goes on train. So, I wrote this poem hopefully it could be a song, a beautiful song one day. It's my soul's expression. Just for me and the people who I love forever.

Playing With Silence.

I'm sitting in the train
Sit on 6D while gazing outside
Watching street lamps passing by
and I'm listening to the graceful Yuna's

I'm missing someone now
While writing all my college notes
Hopefully they will miss me too
Cos I could feel the kisses over here

I'm writing my song for awhile now
And waiting for 12 midnight
So I could sleep tight
Even the train is moving fast

I love you so
Hoping you would appear in the darkness
And I will never let you go
Coz this wouldn't be the last time
For you to say goodbye.

And I fell asleep and woke up right after the train stop at the Butterworth old school station.