Doo-Wops and Holigans big crazy Bruniees!


* DOES ANYONE HERE NEVER KNOW THIS HOT DUDE??? please get your ass outta here!

Hello beautiful peep-ples! What up? How is it going for today?? Must be a real nice one isn't it? OK! Straight to the point. Since I heard 'Just The Way You Are' like months ago, the attraction of listening to Bruno Mars's hit debut became like everyday "have-to" routine. You know guys. It's Bruno Mars OK! This Honolulu born such a great music genius for me after Adam Young, the guy from the Owl City. I swear to God that his vocal is damn classic like you never find this on earth these days. Have you guys ever wonder what's Bruno's ID name? Check this out!


sexy latino isn't it??? Fortunately, he's Hawaiian. Hahaha.

Well, as the great contribution of the 2010 music scene, hereby I wanna announce that Bruno Mars is the winner to the....

"My 2010 Best Album Ever"
*c'mon, gimee a round appaluse please

wooot wooot!!! (That's happy sounds).
Did you guys already have his album? MAKE SURE you have it ok!

You know what, for me, Bruno is such a unique singer of the stage. He has the quality th
at I never see before. If you see him perform, you gonna feel like listening to his songs through your iPod. The originality that he has is uncomparable. Let me tell ya bout

"Doo-Wops and Hooligans"

Nice and simple!

It is his first debut studio album that has been released on October 4, 2010. There are like..10 ahmayzing songs including the super awh-some "Just The Way You Are" and "Grenande". But after like thousand times listening and replaying his album, I found that all songs are just LOVELY! My favourite now is the "Liquor Store Blues" and "Talking to the Moon".

The tracklisting in this album:

1. 'Grenade'
2. 'Just the Way You Are'
3. 'Our First Time'
4. 'Runaway Baby'
5. 'The Lazy Song'
6. 'Marry You'
7. 'Talking to the Moon'
8. 'Liquor Store Blues' Feat. Damian Marley
9. 'Count on Me'
10. 'The Other Side' Feat Cee Lo Green & B.o.B

So what the hell are you waiting for? Go grab'em now! I already did like 1 months ago. LOL.

So, let's check this awh-some vid of his songs in case you haven't heard any of' 'em. :)


*Just The Way You Are

* Our First Time

* Runaway Baby

*The Lazy Song

*Marry You

*Talking To The Moon

* Liquor Store Blues

*Count On Me

*The Other Side

Cool huh?

* Bruno Mars big fan. Damn, this give me an idea.

Before I end up e'thing, I hope that my dear Bruniees gonna read this..

"Mate, I just love the music that you own. There are just so ahmayzing and awh-some! So please, come here to Malaysia and make a concert here coz Im gonna be the first one who stands and sing like crazy in front of ya! Love ya!"

Well guys, that's all for today! Make sure you pampering your ear with Bruniees cool songs before you go to sleep. :)

Sincerely from The Bruniees!

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