Dare to read, dare to bear!! TAG INI ADALAH DARI HUS! Hahaha..


Dah lama x buat kerja tag mentag ni! Ini sume angkara kemalasan hupdate blog lah niE! and with the conjunction of The Super Ahmayzing New Year Resolution, tangan aku ni ringan-ringan je nak menaip balik kt blog yg x sangat cantik ni! X pe uoll, nnt i akan hias2 bagi cntik. Untuk pngtahun korang, masa kt skolah aku dulu, ramai org nk s
ebilik ngan aku. MOTIF?? bilik dia mst akan jd mcm dlam istana. Kah kah kah!

OK, skunx nk jawab tag dr blogger terpanas di Asia Tenggara, Saudara Hus!! Hoyeah hoyeah!


once you have been tagged,
you are supposed to write a note with 25 ran

things, facts or goal about you.
at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
you have to tagged the person who tagged you.
if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you.

1. My name is Muhammad Shairazi Bin Saidin
2. I was born on June 19th 1990
3. Sweet 20.
4. Skinny and sexy.
5. Fashion is my passion.
6. Music is my dream.
7. Blogging is like my friend now.
8. Love photography damn much.
9. Singing in the bathroom is a must.
10. I fell in love easily and I hate it.
11. Bruno Mars is my brother which he never know who am I at all.
12. Im a Penangite and currently staying at KL.
13. I just love art.
14. Law is my career.
15. Dreaming of becoming a millionair.
16. My laziness and hardworking are balance.
17. I stare to beautiful peoples like 10 second.
18. Dreaming of having my own cover on Youtube.
19. A silent reader.
20. 2011 initially good.
21. Love to sit and stare in front of the mirror during study time.
22. Gonna hv a muscular torso by this end of the year.
22. Wear spectacles and not cripple.
23. Pimples is my enemy and healthy skin is my loyal mate.
24. Have a big collection of underwear :)
25. I don't have place to put all the books I have. Need more shelves.

DONE! :) agak merapu and silly. But still, that are the facts. I told you! Dare to read, dare to bare!

Kah kah kah! Well, nk tag 25 org? erk.....ramai la weyH! Im dying lazy aite no
w babe. Sape rasa nk cuba, try la. :]

Nie baru ahmayzing beb......

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