Oh! Change that habit.

Haish! Why Shai? Why? Why did you still want to nurture your "shyness"? Don't you think that quite some time at the end of the day you gonna be loss. Please get rid your profitless habit. It doesn't grow fruit or money. It just gonna waste you in certain things especially in love matter and relationship personally. Dude, please realize that if you still continue behave like this, you're not gonna get what you want and gonna miss them. Being shy is just fine but if you're too shy in other word, if you get too shy aimlessly, just wait and see that you gonna lost lot of things in front of you.

*Thank God im not a anti social.

Ye, I nk sangat pick up your phone call tapi I bukan saje-saje x angkat. I just feel..u know. I pun tak tahu nak cakap macam mana. Like I said, I'm not ready to have a conversation with you. If God will, we gonna hear each other voices. But I puji lah dengan u sebab u cakap yang u akan call I sampai I angkat your phone call. WOW. Thank you in that case. Anyway, one day, when I was ready, I will pick it up and we gonna talk random things.


Anonymous said...

me too! ;)

Shairazi Saidin said...

awwh. HUHU. change ke x lg? HAHA.