Oh! I have a new blog header that looks like the Harry Potter!

Hello friends. Updating my blog? Thank you. Well, I've been very reluctant to just updating my Facebook 'coz there's nothing to do in Facebook anymore. Watching TV makes me feel like stupid but Spongebob make me fresh and evergreen. (Of course it's Spongebob time!!). So, a friend of mine came and give me a total useful link that can save my dollars perhaps for this and next week. He gave me a link to free online movie watching. All the films that I've been planning to watch next week was on the list. So, I think I'm not going anywhere and just sit in front of my notebook while watching those films. Great! Well, as you guys notice, there's something new here right?




My new awesome supercalifragalisticespleadolocious blog header!
Just got it right there. How is it? Cool enough to say that "You''ve got a pretty blog header"? HAHA. Thanks even you don't say so. Well, I watched a video, a tutorial in Adobe Photoshop on how to create the "Harry Potter" text. I've got amaze and jump in to try. So, this is the result. What did you say? Want me to do some tutorial? Just give a comment down there. Tadaa!


Amie Tempoyak. said...

haha. i'm going to say it again. nice header ! :D

aThiRaH said...

ak nk gak link movie2 tu weh...plsssss

Shairazi Saidin said...

ami: THANKS AMIE!!!! you hv such a cute header as well...:)

tirah: dah...aku post dkat entry baru! Check out la k yunk...

Amie Tempoyak. said...

awh, thanks singgah my blog ;)