I'm greatful, you're one of my strangers now.

I had been played too much recently. I was like a ball. People do kick me wherever they think their leg can kick to the maximum level of its ability. I keep myself still, unmove. Mobile and static. When they feel empty, I'm the space that they will enter to scream out loud so the echoes would break their loneliness. I realize somehow that people treat me like a rolling stone. They feel alright if I sit besides them, and they feel alright as well if I never exist. This is normal for them but for me, rolling stone is not another option but it's just a method on how to fill the empty spaces. Once its useless, find another one.

I swear to Lord, people never being greatful plus more often being bloodyful. They have already got someone better but they still need someone else which is look better to their eye. Once the one that they betrayed with left, it is the time they plead and knee down and utter those pleading swear and some pretty fuck-your-black-ass words going through in those phrases. It's gonna be disgusting but I swear again to God, they are just words. Full of lies and emptiness.

I hate those kind of brats. They are a lot. A LOT! I'm telling you. Sweet words, nice pictures, hot body, beautiful and those "book's cover judging" situations are shit. They are like....shits. Don't ever judge a book by its cover. It's not lame! It's an epic. Sometimes when people throw sweet words, it doesn't mean they like you. They just want you to knee, open your mouth and suck their dick. At the end, gurgle their sperm and done. You don't have the satisfaction. All are crap.

I feel empty somehow. But I don't have the guts to share it with some other strangers. But strangers sometimes help to fill the emptiness as well. They approach, they cuddle, they whisper advices and tadaaaa...RELIEF. No more headache. No more incitement of blameness. When people (brats of course) started to leave me, I just know that's the right time I need strangers. They are good listeners.

I'm not calling you mean! I'm not calling you brat! I'm not calling you moron. But I just wanna say that I'm not another option. Please and stop come and go. Please stop being selfish. Please stop calling me honey, baby, my love or whatever if you're flirting with some other biatches over my ass. Let me clarify this, I'M NOT A ROLLING STONE. I love you but you lessen the feeling. It's fading and it's gonna go one day. Thanks for being part of my day. I'm greatful, you're one of my strangers now.


Joey said...

i really thought you were all over him, but you still linger kan?

i guess confidant sometimes get hurt too.

p/s your life has much more interesting than i have.

Shairazi Saidin said...

who are you Joey? You look understanding...

Joey said...

i'm just a passer by here. Well, not everything I understand, but I know you lead a fabulous life. I'm just reading by the way.

Shairazi Saidin said...

well thanks. fabulous life? nah...all those are fake.