You're exactly like the rest.


You can play tunes for that phrase. Happy, anger, bored and sarcasm. Well probably you didn't know that I got it from Gossip Girl. True. I'm not use to that drama. You know, chicks drama. I prefer the gay one, Glee. Because it all about looser. (Show "L" by your finger and put it at your forehead). Because sometimes I feel like a looser.

People come and go. They are really like SPERM (purposely highlighted) . Once ejaculated, it's regenerated then you masturbate again then it goes on and on and on. Well I know, my action of leaving them it's just not because I hate them. It's just because they have the plan of leaving me. Instead of myself get hurt isn't it? I'd been lied couple of times and that was a real good wake up call for me as I realize that I had been treated as sex worker. *Just started to love Adam Levine for the wake up call thing.

I'm not actually building foes. I'm building bunker. To protect myself from continuously being harmed by those who think they can't live without me. Pretend to feel empty without my silhouette come across their bedroom. I'm telling you this. We're friend and never become a couple of enemies. Fighting each other or killing or whatever. We are friend but this heart is not a "one stop centre"  for you to scratch it and leave bruises and cuts. I'm tired to be treated as that. As if I'm old and dirty. Love need appreciations. Loyalty is one of them. If you think you can't afford any of that, stop calling others "my beloved, honey, sweetheart" 'coz they are bitter.


Joey said...

love definitely needs some loyalty. and sparkle, and chemistry.

relationship sometimes boleh jadi kompleks.

and your heart needs strength. if not, you will end up like blair lusting over chuck.

p/s i watch that episode. We're watching the same channel kan?

hareez mad isa said...

Wake up call much :) Bagus la

hareez mad isa said...

Wake up call much :) Bagus la