Totally proud of her. I'am really a big fan of Yuna. The jazzy and soothing voice of her melt every heart listen. Bukan senang nak ada bakat besar macam Yuna. She flew long long time ago to the States with a determination and courage to widen her talent. Lagu dia no matter in English or Malay sure akan berhantu. Goose bump huh? Terukir di bintang, tidak adil or whatsoever just name it bro. But recently, dia dilamar, bukan Qi or Jules (her photographer from the Fader Label)...too much gossip huh? But this time around, an old guy of 68, senior citizen kah? and of course an American guy. From a sincer and innocent gig girl, she is now huge bro....Myspace is not just a way to flirt and stuffs...LOL. Let the pixa speak...

Yes babe, she is in affair with DAVID FOSTER! dont know who the hell is David Foster? You joke right? He is the producer, composer and the guy who brought Christina Aguilera, Queen Latifah etc brooooo!!!! Why the hell is Yuna choosed DAVID FOSTER??

Opsss....sorry guys, Yuna didnt choose David Foster, it's David Foster pick Yuna for his next artist for his Verve Record. It is a huge company. Well, sedangkan David Foster is a guy that tend to jazzy Yuna is the right choice! BRAVOOOOOOOO! Love you Yuna, sooooo prouddd.... The bless of 2013. Congrats baby ....woooo!~

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