I care about 2010.

2010. The New Year had been skimmed through for 17 days and I guess i'm the only person who get my blog updated about 2010 and wish list blah..blah..whatever today. Hey man, been left back for 17 days is so crazy, pretty far huh. I think I came from somewhere not really inside the universe. The Bobogaga planet. Lol..well, 2010 brings a lot of new things starting from Facebook naked little boys tagged picture to assignment presentation infront of excruciating lecturer. Whoa! haha, at the moment,for 2010 i did planned for not having any plan. I just want my life go for the flow. But after bought the first edition of 2010 Reader's Digest, I got myself so stunned with the editor's 2010 list. Haha, RDA is so cool. As I skimming through the mag, ther's a column from Josephine about "Make 2010 your year". She started the writing with a word that I won't forget. Make 2010 a year to remember. Whoa! If it's a year of zealous!!!! Yeah, and engraved with enthuatism. So, 10 things to do before 2011?? Hurm, I think the list gonna be something like this:

1) Make a tour across Peninsular Malaysia with my friends.

2) I'll go for UMRAH with my mother.

3) Have what I haven't have on 2009.

4) To be master in guitar.

5) Embark something that would give me carefree.

6) Promise to arrange my scedule on the right arrangement..(means no time to waste).

7) Thousands of friends on FB by the end of the year.

8) Just plan to follow the flow...

9) Getting myself motivated..( Top up the tank, thanks Josephine)

10) Celebrate the tear with joy and enthuatism! yeah....

So, that's it, 2010 hopefully would be the awesome year of all!!!!


Aiman Ariffin said...

1000 friends in facebook? really?
haha no problem for u i guess

btw, mk sure ur wish lish are something achievable :) gd luck

Ejay said...

hey... mana menghilang?
well, semoga wish list kamu utk thn 2010 ni tercapai.

Hakim Hakemo's said...

hey shai.
best of luck then.
god willing.

AdiE said...

add me at FB..


at list, at 1 more fwens at ur FB..
just wanna help U achieving one of ur 2010 wishes..

~daniel adie~

Shairazi Saidin said...

Aiman: most of them are "going to.."..hahaha..!! thanks aiman..

ejay: i pon x tau where had i been..wakakaka..thanks for asking...amin!!

hakemos: okai mr. hakemos, you too..best of luck okay!!!!

aizul said...

oit org femes!! hahaha

Shairazi Saidin said...

aizul: eleh, ko yg femes weyh...siap ada cop superstar lg kat dahi! lame x menyinggah...??

Shairazi Saidin said...

Adie: wokeyh, not a problem! gonna add you right away adie...approve me ASAP yaw!

r a h i m a h S u d a a said...

hope all ur wishes will be fulfilled.especially yg num 7 tuh.hahah.

Shairazi Saidin said...

hahaha, memang hajat yg x boleh belah!!! i dont even know why it's there...

miEmiE said...

haha... 1 of d things dat u can do is type a name, *eg:ali and add those ppl dat were listed and there u go... >100 ppl registered as 'ali' in fb

btw, gambate ne?

Shairazi Saidin said...

hi mimie: yes, gambate ne for you too.....if I do that, it wont show the authentic of having lot of friends in FB...lol.