Anyone can explain, what's the casket for?

Hi peeps, before any word engraved, I just would like to say that the fact is still the fact. There you go..another Sultan went-off!! He's going for a trip to out of the milky way...a journey to a very..very long and exhausting (perhaps) distance. To believe in Islam, once you gone, you gone not turn back and there would be no terms of 'HOMESICK' , "DADDY, I WANNA GO HOME" or any cooee of,"Hey, come home, it's late" will be stay under the dark and wet earth with insects and excruciating sounds of bizarre creation. God bless you Sir in anyway!! So long and farewell. (ALFATIHAH).

She rocks. Standing ovation please.

It's actually the vocalists of the band. Something wrong with him I guess.

There you go. It's 98-09

Kris Allen, your songs awesome buddy!

Even the cover a 'lil bit gay but the songs inside much better than I thought. Thumbs up baby!

Yeah...c'mon!!! Give a big hand to Miss Make-me-insomnia!!! Lady Gaga, like your Alejandro damn much!

Alright, now it's my story. Recently, since last year maybe, I found myself addicted to novels and downloading latest albums from my Divas and Devus (ignore). I've been downloaded albums from Lady Gaga-Fame Monster, Rihanna-Rated R, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert-For YOur Entertainment, Britney Spears- Singles Collection From 98-09, andTokio Hotel-Humanoid. Wakakaka, crazy eh? I guess there's someone out there being craziest better than me.

Mine isnt actually like this.

This too. But this one is so goddess.

Well, I spent more than hundred something on Kinokuniya KLCC last month. For books and only books. Introduction to Law, Legal System and The Da Vinci Code..(hahaha, the awesome novel of all, love you Mr. Langdon, teach me 'bout symbols one day!!) . I bought Angels and Demons afterward and havent read coz I found myself quite busy lately.

So,that's it. I have works to do and byebye-bye. Gua blah dulu k!


Ejay said...

kat mana download lagu2 tu...?
share la

Shairazi Saidin said...

basically, internet and specifically isohunt. kena ada torrent dulu larh.....mcm utorrent, free download manager, kalo pakai idm x jadi...ok??!!

AkU said...

love few of the songs mentioned..^^

Shairazi Saidin said...

you are? have fun!

Anonymous said...

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