I bought iPhone and I mourning for it.

Hello bloggie friends. I really have no idea why was I left the scene for a pretty long time. It's been months I havent tap my fingers tip for the blog and now I really feel the awkwardness. I did lot of things for the past few months and most awesome things is some of my wish list for 2010 was really happened. One of them is I bought a super duper iPhone 3GS which was always be my favourite phone of all time. Man, I really bought it. Suprised huh? But I planned, God had grand. After month of enjoying myself with such an awesome gadget, it went broken. It wasnt actually broken it was just got locked by Apple 'coz of my stupidness. I was just so keen to jailbreak it so I could use it after I turned it off but things went another way. I failed. Im a failure. Damn.

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