Oh! Malaysia WON!!! Yahoooo...

Well hello readers and of course the silent one. Perhaps you already heard this and perhaps not. But I have good news for those who has the passion in dancing career. Let me introduce you to the winner of the "Gatsby Styling Dance Contest", give a big round applause to Jackson Chua..woot!!

*Hopefully that would be him coz he looks pretty much in ache. =)

Let me give some intro. Osaka, Japan. Mandom Corp. which is a company which produce Gatsby which also my favourite hair care held a dance competition in of course Japan. Malaysia won the second straight two years through Jackson Chua who got the craziest dance style of all time. He won the jury's heart by presenting his freakingly awesome fluid movement and he used all the joints he has to carve his beautiful own style. Let's watch the video.

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Amiey said...

1st kiss fr0m me~ hahahahaha!~
wah! shai!!!
smart giler k0t k0 nyer header...
"S"! i like~ haha